Join us on our Seven inch Sundays as we dig deep into our 7″ crates to serve you some fresh sounds.

We’ve got some big tunes this week, and also a new guest-mix recorded for the good and handsome people of Brokers. So pump up the volume for another bangin’ edition of Seven inch Sundays.

Brady Benton and the B-group is a an early incarnation of the fabulous Guy Wathelet. “I need your body, baby” is a huge garage freakbeat monster. a true Belgian nugget!

Doctor Downtrip was a Brussels based Hardrock band formed in 1969. They released a highly acclaimed Blues/hardrock lp in 1973. Winters Coming is a nice hardrock track with a killer drumbreak.

 we close this Seven inch Sunday with an Afro-funk Banger. Amakue was released on the Belgian “Topkapi”-label. (owned by Jean Kluger)

Drury Sundays are the best Seven inch Sundays, so get siked ‘cause we’ve got some wonderfull records lined-up. This edition of Seven inch Sundays we’ll be presenting some Belgian expats and an expat living in Belgium.

Expat the unexpected!!

Cottonwoodhill (aka Brainticket) is a Swiss band wich includes Belgian musician Joel Vandroogenbroek.

Joel was a Brussels born musician who played the piano, keyboards and flute alongside the likes of Jacques Pelzer, René Thomas en Bobby Jaspar.

In 1968 he founded the Swiss-based psychedelic rockband Cottonwoodhill. Their first album was called Brainticket but somehow the names got switched and stayed that way.

“Places of light” was released under the Cottonwoodhill moniker. Check out this psychedelic jazz-rock masterpiece.

Jack Hammer was an American pianist, singer and songwriter, probably best known as the co-writer of “Great Balls Of Fire”.

In 1961 Jack moved to Europe and ended up in Belgium. There he got discovered by Albert van Hoogten, owner of the “Ronnex”-label.

Jack recorded a whole bunch of twist 45’s for the ronnex-label. He also was an excellent dancer and became known as “The Twistin’ King”.

“Ali Ben Ghazi” (co written by A. Vano) is a great Soul Mod Groover. (sounds like a middle eastern version of “My Babe” by Little Walter)

The Hazy Osterwald Sextet was a swiss orchestra with in its ranks Belgian musician Peter Laine. Mr Laine got hired to write the arrangements of the Sextet. “Oumbala – Oumbalo” is a psychedelic afro funk gem penned down by Peter.



We’ve got 3 beauties lined-up for you on this wonderful Seven inch Sunday.

We start with Belgian artist Alain Thierry, who released a couple of 45’s. (mostly

chansons) “Angelina” is a nice rendition of “Flash” a song by “The Duke of Burlington” with some killer B-boy drums.

 “Les hors la loi” (The Outlaws) is a great soul/mod dancer sung by Belgian artist André Michel. Published by the “New Music cooperation” a subsidiary of the legendary “Hebra” label. (be sure to check out the hillarious lyrics).

Last track of the day is by Belgian artist “Delphine”. A Brussels based singer who released five highly acclaimed 45’s. “A bientot sans doute” is a great Blue-eyed soul/Mod track.

 New edition of Seven inch Sundays coming up. We’ve got some great new finds for all you Seven inch lovers.

Cindy Crischa (Georgina baert) released a couple of interesting singles in the early seventies. She is married to Belgian impressario Jean Martin. (the owner of the Belgian “Smoke” and “Espera” -labels)

 “Un jour de pluie” actually is a French cover version of “Sunday morning”, the opening track of the first album by the Velvet Underground.

She released “Il Faut Danser” as Cricha & Cafe creme. This is a vocal version of the “Paddok” track, by Patricia Burns.

“Tell me why” is a nice pop-sike track with an allstar line-up! Music and lyrics are written by Sylvain Vanholme (Wallace collection) and his wife Penny Els. (Belgian songwriter) Backing is by Modus Vivendi (Belgian prog), Philharpopic Orchestra (George Hayes) and Sylver trust. (again Sylvain)

We’ve got a new batch of psychedelic 45’s lined-up, so get ready for another Seven inch Sundays sure-shot. Don’t forget to check out our events tab , we’ve got some fun gigs this summer! Also we’ve got a new brothers from different mothers mix. Don’t sleep!!! Killer tune alert!!!

Guy Wathelet was a Belgian singer-song writer. (aka Brady Benton and the B. Group) He did a couple of psychedelic 45’s before he slipped into obscurity.
“Some people Said” is a Belgian Psych masterpiece, so don’t sleep!

Apocalypse is another incarnation of the same Guy Wathelet. Their sole release is another psychedelic gem, concieved once again by Monsieur Wathelet.

Greenlight is another obscure Belgian psych band. As Mr Waldy and the Greenlight they released a couple of novelty 45’s (Check out “Neptune”) They released only one 7″ as Greenlight, but boy what a beauty it is. A Flute-infested psych funk groover of the highest order.

Peter Laine (Cornelius Marcel Peeters) is a Belgian Composer, orchestra-leader and clarinetist. In 1962 he got hired by the Swiss “Hazy Osterwald Combo” to write their arrangments Since then he became a full-time arranger and mostly recorded music for TV and the big screen. He recorded a couple of nice groovy lp’s as “Peter Laine & the Nanas” (Music for lovers, Big Sound & Great Beat). Tiger walk is great jazzy psych funk-groove.



It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you, without some dope 45’s to step to, So get siked ‘cause here’s another edition of Seven inch Sundays!

Father James and His Soul Disciples are yet another band produced by the great “Jos Clauwers & Ronny Sigo” (the jokers, injun joe, seafruit….). “The Sadist” was penned down by this dynamic duo, and sung by Paul Simul (who did a cover of the same song, some years later) check out this top notch boogaloo mod dancer.

Leo Cavallo (aka Leo Caerts) is a Belgian producer and songwriter.His biggest hit was Eviva España (a world famous Belgian Schlager). He also produced the first two albums of Belgian punk legends “The Kids”

Leo was the band leader for Will Tura, and wrote this song as a closing track for their performances. (they kept playing it untill the audience stopped applauding). Smoke is a hard hittin’ funk stomper

Berry Clan is the name of one of Belgium’s best kept secrets. They released half a dozen of 45’s in the late sixties, and all are killers. “What a world” is a fuzzy, dark lounge tune with a glorious break. Enjoy!


Don’t like mondays? Don’t worry ‘cause it’s Seven inch Sunday!
We start off with a real Belgian Icon.

Jacques Brel was a Belgian singer, songwriter, actor and director who composed and performed literate, thoughtful, and theatrical songs that generated a large, devoted following. He was widely considered a master of the modern chanson.

L’emmerdeur (English title: A Pain in the A..) is a 1973 French-Italian black comedy film starring Jacques Brel, appearing in his tenth and final feature film.

“Knokke le zoute” is a huge dramatic downtempo groove. Released on the legendary Italian Cam-label.

Johan class released only one 7″ on the Belgian WB sound-label, located in Merksem. “Ebtide in springtime” is a nice jazz-tune with a groovy organ and funky guitar.

Don’t know much about Roland Kert other than he’s a Belgian songwriter. Roland’s jam is a dope funky soul jazz track.


Last tracks of this week, Seven inch Sundays got the hook-up!

The Yamasuki’s are a Belgian-French group founded by Jean Kluger and Daniel Vangarde (Aka Daniel Bangalter, Father of Daft Punk member, Thomas Bangalter)

In 1971 Vangarde and Kluger released the cult LP Le Monde Fabuleux Des Yamasuki as the Yamasuki Singers, a pseudo-Japanese concept album of pop songs.

They learnt Japanese before recording began and even enlisted the aid of a renowned black-belt Judo master to introduce the tracks, which were all sung in Japanese by a school choir. The result is theatrical, epic, freaky and exotic pseudo-Japanese pop that absolutely defies categorisation. Yama Yama is a exotic proto hiphop-jam with Japanese vocals.

Seafruit is another project by Ronny Sigo en Jos Clauwers (The Jokers, Injun Joe) Released in 1974, it’s alternate version of a Injun Joe song with trippy lysergic acid sounds.

The Stern Selection are a Belgian combo who released one library lp on the selection-label, and a pair of 45’s. “We Don’t Care” starts with super crude fuzzed up guitars and is a very typical Belgian ‘dirty’ mod freakbeat stomper with a fantastic scatting break.


Shameless self promotion, thats what this Seven inch Sunday is all about! We’ve selected some fun advertising records this week, so don’t be surprized if you end up craving to head-off on a shopping spree.

First off we start with a promotional record for Cora (a Belgian supermarket chain) Probably released somewhere in the early seventies, it’s a groovy Go-Go mod dancer called “Hey joe,jerk”.


Attention! Ceci n’est pas une 7″.  Actually it’s a promotional 5″ flexidisc, which advertises for Gancia. (an italian wine brand) Used as a promotional tool by the Belgian importer to advertise this new beverage. A nice uptempo flute groover with latin flavors. Cheers!


The final 7″ was used to promote Cockerill. (a Belgian steel manufacturer) Most likely released somewhere in the Eighties, it’s an atmospheric synth-scape wich sounds a bit like a John Carpenter-soundtrack.



Keep on rocking in a free world! ‘Cause it’s a rocking Seven inch Sunday with lots of rocking choons.

Delfini  (A.k.a. Les Delfinis) was the backing group of the famous Belgian singer Adamo Salvatore. They released two nice 45’s in 1970. “Prophecy” is an amazing psychedelic freakbeat dancer, their best track i.m.h.o. (But hey, i’m no oracle)

 The Jokers were a legendary Belgian rock formation who hailed from the city of Antwerp. Guitarists Ronny Sigo and Jos Clauwers are the main characters of this group. (also see Injun joe – Indian Priest). Baia is a great psych freakbeat instrumental wiith an exotic groove. Enjoy!

fun fact; Jos Clauwers appeared as a stand-in musician in the Elvis-movie “Double Trouble”.

Booby Trap was the first group of the great Jean Blaute, a well-know Belgian musician, composer and producer.

This is their sole release, a killer funky psychedelic freakbeat 45.

Clee’s Five was a Belgian rockband lead by Clee van Herzele. They Released two live lp’s with popular covers of their time.The only 45 in their discography, but a beauty nonetheless.

Inspired by the Jefferson Airplane, it’s a real groovy pearl with funky wahwah guitar and sung by the fabolous “Kate”. (A.k.a Griet de Bock, one of Belgiums first Rock Chicks)

I’m really excited about this edition of Seven inch Sundays. Once again three killer Belgian 45’s on the turntable. We’ve got some great venues coming up (Check out the event-tab) There’s also a new mixtape online by the “Brothers from different mothers”. (On the mixtape-tab). I think it’s safe to say, we’ve got more action than John McClane on Christmas-day.

“The Jumpers” were a Belgian beat-group from Sint-Niklaas founded by Robert Rolus (at age thirteen) and with Marc de Coen on the saxophone. They recorded 5 excellent beat 45’s between 1964-1966. They continued to make music until the late seventies and changed their name to “Jumpers” (with an ever changing line-up).

Freddy’s fever released in 1979 and produced by Marc de Coen (who also plays sax on this track) is a hypnotic drum-heavy funky disco track with tons of percussion. Enjoy!!!

Can’t tell you much about the next 7″ but that doesn’t kill the mood. “Ad Libitum” is a Belgian group  who released one killer 45 in the 1970’s . Check out this  laidback groove with psychedelic moog sounds.

We end this session with another Marian Ruxell song. (check out the previous session) Accompagnied once again by the legendary Roland Thyssen and released on the Hebra-label. Never Mind is a killer popcorn soul-tune with latin vibes.

Seven inch Sundays once again brings the flava in ya ears.

We start off with another fabulous tune. Bud Hunga is the alter-ego of Roland Thyssen, a Belgian composer,orchestra leader and Hammond king. This 45 is taken from his awesome “Bud Hunga and his Diplomatic Music” Lp. Diplomatic Music is a mindblowing groove, gogo-psych with a funky feel and kitchy electric piano chords.

(Note: Roland also was the orchestra leader for Sandra Kim, Belgium’s sole Eurovision songcontest winner)

Didier Vincent is a Belgian chansonnier, who released a couple of pop/chanson 45’s on various labels.(early seventies). In 1967 however, he released this scorching instrumental on the tiny  A.G.A.M-label. A raw drumheavy freakbeat-monster. Jerk until the cows come home with “Jerk avec nous”.

Marian Ruxell was a Belgian singer who released two singles on the “Hebra”-label. (both are excellent!!!) It’s so much the better is a killer mod blue-eyed soul tune orchestrated by Roland Thyssen(him again) and compiled on the legendary Beat Bespoke-series. (There’s also a French version of this song recorded by the great Francine Sarall called “Ça M’est Bien Égal”)

Don’t take my word for it, just listen, it’s so much the better.

Happy Seven inch Newyear to all you vinyl-aficionados out there. We start this first edition of the new year with an absolute banger.

Nico Gomez was a Belgian composer/conductor with dutch roots. (He moved to brussels after he refused to be enlisted in the Dutch army). He founded the Belgian-Cuban outfit “Chakachas” (together with Gaston Bogaert)  who had a couple of hits on the international scene (Ay Mulata, Jungle Fever…). He’s also the father of a wellknown Belgian musician called “Raymond van het groenewoud”

His best work is the legendary “Ritual”-lp, a killer latin psychfunk bomb of epic proportions.Baila chibiquiban is the only track of this lp wich is released on 7″, so be amazed by this killer latin funk track.

Anne Darden was born on April 13, 1932 in Hotton, Belgium as Anne-Marie Thirion. She was a singer and actress. (she played in Prostitution (1963) and Le voyage à l’étranger (1976)). She died on November 29, 1977 in Schaerbeek, Belgium. She released a couple 45’s on various Belgian labels .This fave of mine is a brilliant x-rated tune sung in French and has great sleeve-art as well.(Always a sign for an interesting disc). Released on Golden Music records (wich released a lot of killer Belgian 45’s)

Enjoy this cool and sensual moaner.

Behind this project we find Sylvain Van Holmen (Wallace Collection), a well known Belgian producer, who, in the early 70s recorded and released various projects including this instrumental straight from hell. Listen to the diabolical laughter and the fearful screams, the creepy organ and the flaming rhythms.

Los Conquistadores sole release is a must-have if you enjoy  heavy satanic devil rock… horror scary movie or cosmic disco.

Both sides have their merrit so we’ve included them for your pleasure

Ho Ho Ho Merry Seven inch Sundays to all you vinyl-lovers out there. As you’ve all been good this year we’ve got some lovely treats lined up for you.

Placebo was a Belgian jazz band (members include Alex Scorier and François Weyer) led by Marc Moulin. Their three albums (from 71 to 74) were widely played on the alternative scene in the early 70’s. Their debut “Ball Of Eyes” is maybe their better one (it won a prize at 1972’s Montreux Jazz Festival), but the 1973 album is not far behind.

After a rather disappointing eponymous album (on the Harvest label), they slowly disbanded, giving their last concert in 76. Marc Moulin will then have a long solo career (his best album being Sam Suffy in 75), diddle in Eurovision spoof-group Telex, work with great Belgian group Cos, produced many artist (Philip Catherine a.o.), host his own radio show, had his own record label and for the last 15 years has been a precursor in acid-jazz.

Balek is stoned and ultra-sleazy jazzfunk with fender rhodes, spaced-out synthesizers and stabbing jazz horns. Enjoy this killer proto-hiphop jam.

Phalene II is a mellow fender rhodes jazz-groove with relaxed, modal-esque horns and bells over hypnotic hip hop drums.

Andre Brasseur is a Belgian organist and keyboard player, born 11/12/1939 in Ham-sur-Sambre, Belgium. He released many albums and singles , but internationally is best known for his double A sided single The Kid / Holiday, which was released on the CBS label in the UK. Though it never reached the UK charts, The Kid became popular in the famous Northern Soul venue The Twisted Wheel, based in Manchester, and DJ Noel

Edmonds used Holiday as the theme tune to his Radio 1 programme in the 1970s. In the same period at Radio Veronica, a Dutch pirate radio, DJ Lex Harding used The Kid as the opening sequence to his daily afternoon broadcast program. Brasseur is also famous for his 1965 instrumental single ‘Early Bird’ (named after the satellite launched the same year), which sold over 6 million copies worldwide.

X is in my honest opinion one of the best tracks by Hammond wizzard Andre. A groovy Psych instro dancer with a funky beat and X-rated girl-moans. X(mas) never sounded so kinky.

The Beat Fellows were a Belgian instrumental outfit who hailed from the city of Mouscroun near the French border. They released four 7’s on their own ‘Le Phare’ label. Three of them are so so, but “Sound beat” is of frightning quality. They took the hammond riff of Steve Winwood’s ‘I’m a man’ and put it below a fat funky mod groove. Cherish this Hammond Beat dancer, with frantic organ and fantastic drumming. Can’t beat the Sound beat.

Here we go again with the funky instro.

Bobby Setter was a Belgian singer and orchestra leader.(Born in 1939 and still playing!!!) He mostly did some novelty 45’s and “Flemish schlagers” (Also a killer version of “Memphis soul stew”). One slice of danceable mod funk groove, one slice of hammond and one slice of fuzz sums up this amazing track. But don’t take my word for it, just listen to bobby’s “Free love”.

Bob Boon was a tv-director and host who worked for the Belgian Tv and radio. In 1963 he founded the Bob Boon Singers choir. (who mostly played classical music). This 7″ however contains some evil psychedelic freakbeat funk.

Mr waldy and the Greenlights brings us this harmonica driven mod groove.They released some cheesy novelty 45’s but Greenlight (without Mr Waldy) did another killer 45 tune called Number one (uses the same pic on the cover as this release). Check out Neptune (not the Pharell kind)

Old habits die hard so here’s another edition of Seven inch Sundays. We start of this Sunday with another killer Belgian 45.

Patricia Burns delivers this very funky disco groove. (She also released a 80’s cover of Curtis Mayfields “Move on up”). Released on the Belgian “Espera” label, check out this fantastic uncomped sound.

Don’t know much about this next 45, apart from the fact that it’s another killer. Original Belgian only single 45 released on CBS (#1526) in 1973.

Whipping Post’, which is a massive Psych Funk Freakbeat destroyer driven by tribal drums, wildest percussion, deep bass, hammond organ, fuzz guitar & wordless male scat vocals. This track could have been used in an imaginary 70s Italian giallo movie as background music to some sado masochistisc scene. You can hear screams of pain slashing into the tight, uptempo funk groove.

Injun Joe are actually Belgian rockers “The jokers” (Ronny Sigo & Jos Clauwers). They recorded this Fantastic double-sider. A-side contains a stunning acid psych midtempo tune with tape & Eastern effects (there’s another version of this track by Seafruit)

B-side is a druggy, boozed-up swamp funk stomper with gravely vocals and funky organ chops that is rumoured to be in DJ Shadow’s Brainfreeze mix.

Welcome to another edition of Seven inch Sundays, bringing you the Funk since three weeks ago.

We start this Sunday with a laidback groove provided by The Soul Scratchers (aka El Chicles) Written by Guy Delo and Nick Roland (Mad Unity). We’ve included both sides for your pleasure. Enjoy!

Jean St Paul treats our ears to his Jerk’in in the night (what’s in a name?). Played on a “Tubon”, a tubular, battery-powered, monophonic keyboard instrument that was played standing up. The instrument was manufactured in Sweden and very few crossed its borders.


We finish this jerk’in session with a fresh slice of Mango. Check out this Afro-rock 7″ banger by Belgian based afro-rockers Mango. The A-side is an absolute uptempo Afro Funkrock Floorfiller, with thriving drums, pumping bass and killer flutes. Most definitely not a wallflower tune.

B-side is a slow afro-rock jam with haunting keys, flutes and nice guitar and we’ve got even more Earcandy.

My diggin mate, The Jazz Kid made another excellent Jazz selection, check out his excellent blog on European Jazz.

We start this edition of Seven inch Sundays with another Roland Thyssen release

We don’t have a lot of info on Luis Montez. He did some cheesy 45’s but this one’s a killer. (there’s also a compilation wich contains trafic)

Released on “Hebra” and composed by R. Bells & R.Thym (an alter ego of Roland thyssen). My best guess is that he was a Trumpet player in Rolands orchestra.

Patchwork was a Belgian studio group with Ralph Benatar (from El Chicles amongst many others). They’re sole release is this killer double-sider.

The b-side is packed with Afro percussion, ball breaking organ and funky rhythm guitar. (composed by Tony Perdone also known as Jean Kluger -owner of “Palette” records-)

The final track of today is one of my favorite Belgian 45’s. George Hayes is a Belgian Composer and conductor. He worked with Baris Manco for his “Baris Mancho” Lp. (we suspect Baris might be involved in this project).

Be amazed by this Dark orchestral Jazzy groove with killer horns.

After talking with Jan Delvaux (Belpop Bonanza) en Stefaan Vandenberghe (Dr Lektroluv, Sdban) this weekend, I’m glad to announce there will be a second volume of the excellent “Funky Chicken”-compilation. The second installment will dig even deeper into the Belgian underground.

So don’t sleep and check this shit out as soon as it hits the shelves!

Roland Thyssen is a Belgian composer,orchestra leader and Hammond king. He’s best know for his excellent “Bud Hunga and his Diplomatic Music” Lp.

He also did lots of backings for artists on the Belgian based “Hebra” label. This 45 is by a singer called “Brigitte” while Roland and his orchestra play the backing track.

Brigitte moans sensual on the laidback jazzy groove that Roland and his orchestra provide. Obviously inspired by the succes of Serge and Jane, this is Sexploitation at it’s sleaziest.

Rudy Rolls (aka Rudy Walkers) is a Belgian Composer and organ player. The A-side of this 7″ got compiled on the Sin-sa-tion series. But the B-side is just as much fun. Sounds a bit like Ramsey lewis on meth.

Don’t know much about this last 45. Got turned on to this by my diggin mate Phunky Phille (check out his excellent Belgian 45 mix) Released on the Belgian based “B.M.P.” label (they mostly did flemish slagers)

A-side sucks big time , but the B-side is an incredible funky lo-fi psychedelic moog instrumental with all kinds of weird effects!