Join us on our Seven inch Sundays as we dig deep into our 7″ crates to serve you some fresh sounds.

Another dose of 45 corona killers on this beautiful Seven inch Sunday.

“Rudy” was a Belgian solo performer who self released this single under the label name of Jade records. “Destinee” is an incredible 80’s synth tune with a funky sax solo.

“Banzai” was an “symphonic-rock” band, (mostly) from Antwerp. “Hora Nata” is the title track of their sole lp. This single however differs from the lp version.

“Brussels Art Quintet” was a Belgian Jazz combo featuring Babs Robert (before he recorded his now infamous Love Planet session) and other key players like Daniel Schell who later formed funk fusion group, Cos.

Vas-y Voir is a moody and deep modal waltz track with beautiful rhythms and sophisticated euro jazz atmospheres.


Belgian Jazz legend Philip Catherine recorded “Grelots” when he won a jazz tournament in 1967. First prize, some studio time.

“Grelots” is a fantastic jazz groove.

Guido Carnagy aka Guy Delo was a Belgian band leader and keyboard player. “Space patrol” is an uptempo funky disco groover.

“The Indian sound of…Blackfoot” is yet another moniker of the “El chicles”-gang “Indian horse” is a nice midtempo disco track


Basta was a one-off project by several Flemish musicians who had never played together before. Their sole single was released on the occasion of a march for women’s rights and against the criminalization of abortion in Ghent, 4 March 1977.

“Kom op Zusters” is a punky, dub scorcher

Poltergeist was a Belgian progrock band with killer organ and heavy guitar erruptions. they released a single 45 in 1975.

“Memorandum” is an organ driven symphonic masterpiece.

Legendary Belgian saxophonist Alex Scorier has been a prominent member of the Belgian Jazz scene. He was a member of Marc Moulin’s “Placebo” from 1973 to 1975.

“Low water” is a Funky Flute driven groover


Time to go viral, on this wonderful Seven inch Sundays

The JJ Band were the backing band of Jess & James (Belgium’s most famous Soul act) They are led by arranger Ralph Benatar (Sax and Flute), Douglas Lucas (Trumpet) and Francis Weyer (aka Francis Goya/ Guitar), who all played leading roles on most of the “El Chicles” and “Chakachas” related releases. In 1972 they changed their name to “Plus”

Love in them there hills is a killer cover (penned by Gamble and Huff), most famously sampled by Jurrasic Five

We’ve been so happy is a fabulous psychedelic souljazz track that starts with a nice open drumbreak.

Voyager I/Voyager II was recorded by Jean Kluger (Belgian songwriter, composer and producer) and Daniel Vangarde (Aka Daniel Bangalter, Father of Daft Punk member, Thomas Bangalter)
Fantastic cosmic disco track in the same vein of the Brian Bennet Lp Voyages

S.S.O. stands for Soul Sensation Orchestra  (aka Chicken Curry and his Pop Percussion Orchestra, El Chicles, The Chinese Fighterz, Lord Funk, The Soul Scratchers) . It contained some of Belgium’s best studio musicians of that time. (Ralph Benatar, Francis Weyer, Guy Delo, Douglas Lucas, John Sluzny)

Seven inch Storm of 45’s coming thru your speakers.

Tany Golan (aka Nyota Hoogland) was a Belgian (jazz) singer. She sang with some of Belgiums greatest jazz-musicians. (Etienne Verschueren, Roger van Haverbeek, Frédéric Rottier, and many others)

“Dopping” is a fab jazz track with scat vocals (sounds like an alternate vocal “Take Five” version).

Andre Brasseur is a Belgian organist and keyboard player, born 11/12/1939 in Ham-sur-Sambre, Belgium. He released many albums and singles , but internationally is best known for his double A sided single The Kid / Holiday, which was released on the CBS label in the UK. Though it never reached the UK charts, The Kid became popular in the famous Northern Soul venue The Twisted Wheel, based in Manchester, and DJ Noel Edmonds used Holiday as the theme tune to his Radio 1 programme in the 1970s. In the same period at Radio Veronica, a Dutch pirate radio, DJ Lex Harding used The Kid as the opening sequence to his daily afternoon broadcast program. Brasseur is also famous for his 1965 instrumental single ‘Early Bird’ (named after the satellite launched the same year), which sold over 6 million copies worldwide

“Scarabee” is an underrated uptempo groover with funky horns and psychedelic flute.

“Arthur Schur and Guy Delbrouck” are Belgian musicians. They recorded a string of electronic 45’s, mostly released on their own “New Sound”-label.

“Rock in the moog” is a groovy moog-rock track.

Happy Seven inch Valentine for all you 45 nuts.

“Bud Hunga” is the alter-ego of Roland Thyssen, a Belgian composer,orchestra leader and Hammond king. This 45 is taken from his awesome “Bud Hunga and his Diplomatic Music” Lp. “Traveling on Rhythm” sounds like it’s a pimped version of keith mansfield “Soul Thing”

“The Sabbath Singers” were a Belgian Xian Kiddie Choir. They recorded just a single 45. “Akkaboemba” has a thriving percussion section with some crazy scat vocals ontop.

“Mc Duff Dimension” was a belgian band who released 5 singles in the seventies.
“F-fan’s wedding” has great P-funk feel with lots of horns and a crazy synth.

Storms are brewing on this Seven inch Sunday. So lets stay inside and play some vinyl.

“Chakachas” was a Belgian based group founded in 1958 by bandleader Gaston Bogaert.  They played a mixture of Latin music, jazz, and European-style exotica.
After a musical eclipse in the mid-sixties, the band is reassembled a few years later, in a new line-up and with a different sound; this time, the band’s made up of session musicians, who are also part of other bands or projects (see also El Chicles, Chicken Curry & His Pop Percussion Orchestra, The Sumos, Plus, The S.S.O. Orchestra, Lord Funk ).

The new Chakachas go for a mix of Latin/Soul/Funk/Jazz/Afro. The bulk of the songs is provided by Willy Albimoor and Nico Gomez.

Their biggest hit was “jungle fever”

As a follow-up to “Jungle fever” they recorded “Stories”.

“Turtle Soup” was released in 1973. One year later it was rereleased by “The Sumos” (same band as The Chakachas) with some added vocals.

We wish you an “Up to Eleven” 2020.  We’ve got some Rare killer seven inches coming up. Enjoy!

“The Flying Guitar” was a studio band formed by André Van den Meersschaut (founding member of “The Cousins”) They recorded a single album with instrumental covers and some own compositions. This 45 is taken from this album.

Desire Mozambe was born in Zaïre (former Belgian colony of Congo)

He recorded a fab version of Martin Circus hit “Je m’éclate au Sénégal” and he made this killer Afrofunk song before fading into obscurity.

Leslie Kent (Aka Guy Theisen) was a Luxembourg born musician. He became a member of some legendary Belgian formations (Plus, Carriage Company, We Feel) and released some 45’s as Leslie Kent.

This “Marvin Gaye”-cover was solely released in Turkey for some odd reason.

We’ve got some great new finds on this sunny Seven inch Sunday.

“Waterloo” was a Belgian group formed in 1969. They recorded a highly acclaimed Prog Rock lp and a handful of singles.

“Black Born Children” is a Psychedelic flute-driven Prog Rock Masterpiece taken from their legendary first Lp.

“Guy in the wrong neighbourhood” is a Jazzy Psychedelic Prog Rock Gem taken from their legendary first Lp.

“Irish Coffee” was a fantastic Belgian Hard-Rock outfit, who released one highly acclaimed Lp and several great 45’s

“The Show”  is a Funky Hard-Rock track written by the fabulous William Souffreau.

The Sun is shining and the vinyl is sweet. Welcome to another edition of Seven inch Sundays.

Belgian band “Plus” was founded by jazz drummer Bruno Castellucci (former member of Placebo and Solis Lacus). They recorded a highly acclaimed Jazz-rock lp in 1972. Changes is a brooding Jazz-rock track.

James Curtis was a Brussels based musician. Before going solo he was a member of “James Curtis and the Madisons”

“One fine morning” was originally recorded by canadian band “lighthouse” and opens with some nice b-boy drums.

“Love dream” was a Belgian “Next door disco-studioband” They released a single 45 before fading into obscurity.

“Sexy” was written by Belgian conductor, composer, song- and playwriter Paul Pans.

First Seven inch Sunday of the spring. Time to clean out the bins!

This version of the “Harlem Highway 45” is only released in Belgium (the Italian version doesnt have the break)

“Dial my number” was first recorded by Mike Berry and was a rendition of “Swim” by Jack Hammer

Belgian orchestra leader “Jean-Marie Troisfontaine” released a single 45 as “The Guilly-up” “Peep-Bo” is great latin-jazz track with scat vocals.

The “Norman Ruby Orchestra” released this 45 only in Belgium. Underground is scorchin’ downtempo organ groover.

Twenty-one inches of happiness on this drury Seven inch Sunday.

The Sumos (aka Chicken Curry and his Pop Percussion Orchestra, El Chicles, The Chinese Fighterz, Lord Funk, S.S.O, The Soul Scratchers) was a Brussels-based studio band. It contained some of Belgium’s best studio musicians of that time. (Ralph Benatar, Francis Weyer, Guy Delo, Douglas Lucas, John Sluzny)

“Everybody needs someone to love” is a Funky soul gem with added karate-chops.

Peter Loland (aka Nico Gomez) was a Belgian composer/conductor with dutch roots. (He moved to Brussels after he refused to be enlisted in the Dutch army)
He founded the Belgian-Cuban outfit “Chakachas” (together with Gaston Bogaert) who had a couple of hits on the international scene (Ay Mulata, Jungle Fever…)
He’s also the father of a wellknown Belgian musician called “Raymond van het groenewoud”.

“Snoopy” is a killer space age instro with great use of hammond, space effects, rhythmboxes.

“The Cash Maker Orchestra” was a Belgian band. They released just one megarare Exotica LP (and 2 Forthcoming 45’s) filled with moaning girls.

“Orgie Festival” is an adventurous exotic/erotic lounge scorcher.

Lamp & Lazarus are a Belgian Folk duo from the early 70’s, with Lamp being Guido Van Hellemont & Lazerus being Wim Bulens. “Onheil” has been rereleased and edited by the good and handsome people of “Harde Smart”

Be sure to check out their upcoming compilation full of Belgian/Dutch funk and soul gems.

Belgian Chansonnier Jacques Mercier released a Gypsy Jazz lp with Waso (Belgian jazz Band) and a single 45.

“Bossa Cuba” is a great bossa inspired flute groover.

Alain Braine is a author, composer and performer who hails from Liège.

In 1976 he collaborated with the famous Belgian vibraphonist Guy Cabay who composed “Que tu étais triste”

Another batch of 45’s straight outta the bin. Happy Seven inch Sundays!

Classical musicians Raymond Vincent and Jacques Namotte founded “The Stradivarius”, a Brussels based studioband in 1967.

One year later, both men would become members of “The Wallace Collection” (who had a world hit with “Daydream”)

“Walking in the Bach’s World” is a funky psychedelic track mixed with some classical strings.

The Invocation are a Belgian band from Ghent who released a single 45.

“Third Letter from the Underworld” is a slow psychedelic jam with a haunting organ playing in the back.

Los Bingos were a studio band lead by the infamous Nico Gomez. (check out our previous clip)

“Unico (El Mozambique Tropical)” is a great exotic track with lots of percussion. Enjoy !

Happy 2019 to all the Seven inchers out there. We’ve got another pile of fresh 45’s to share with you in this new year.

Shampoo was a Belgian band founded by Luc Smets, Marcel De Cauwer (both are ex-members of “The Pebbles”) and Yves De Vriendt (former guitarist of “New Inspiration”).

They record a Jazz-rock lp in 1972 which featured saxophonists Francois Maes (ex-Banzai) and Giorgio Chitschenko (from Mad Curry).

After disappointing sales figures for their first album, Shampoo survives by acting as the backing band for the “Hearts of Soul”, a Dutch girls band with sisters Stella, Patricia and Bianca Maessen.

In 1974 Hearts of Soul and Shampoo record the album “We Love The Policeman” together. 

Ricky was a Belgian singer from Heist op den Berg. he was a member of “The Rainbows”-orchestra. (founded by Constant Verbeeck)

“I’m Burned” is a scorching Bo Diddley-esque garage rock gem. Enjoy!

Dan Lacksman is a Belgian musician, composer, producer and sound enigineer.As the first Belgian Musician to own a synthesizer, he’s considered a pioneer in the Belgian electronic music scene.

He’s also the founder of “Electronic System and Co-founded  Belgian Electro-pop band “Telex”. “Love You Every Day”  got used as a basis for the “Skylab”-track by Electronic system.

We’ve got some more excellent toons on this sunny Seven inch Sundays!

George Stayner is a Belgian artist who released 2 singles. Mahogany is a killer latin psychedelic disco track.

Roland Delys is a Belgian Singer/Songwriter.

Love is an amazing 70’s Cosmic Disco Psych tune, it was the soundtrack for “L’album inachevé” directed by André Grignard.

De Kreet (The Yell) was a Belgian theater group from Leuven with Walter Verdin in it’s ranks. Some years later Walter founded “Pas De Deux” who represented Belgium for the 1983 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest with the unconventional song “Rendez-Vous”.

The mainstream audience did not understand this song and the band ended third from last. Nonetheless ‘Rendez-Vous’ became a big summer hit in Belgium that year.

“De Zus van Adeline” is a Dark and Gloomy new wave/dub track.

Got some more dirty diggs on this wonderful Seven inch Sunday.

Morton and the uptights was lead by American organist/pianist Scott Bradford. in 1968 Scott became a part of “Jess & James” with whom he recorded 2 albums and several singels.

He married Belgian singer Ann Soetaert (aka Ann Bradford)  and moved back to the USA in 1970. But before he left he recorded this fantastic exotic sounding 45 and released it on “Palette” records.

Once he got back to the USA he got signed by “Probe” records and released a great Jazz-rock lp called “Rock Slides”.

Micky Day (aka Désiré Deldicque) was a Belgian singer who had a big hit with “Oh Oh What a Kiss” in 1966. This 45 was penned down by Roland Thyssen (aka Bud Hunga). “Creep” is a great mod Soulish instro.

Not so fun fact: in the 1980’s Désiré got involved with the “Front National” a far right movement in Belgium.

Janot Morales (father of Garcia Morales), born in Paris and raised in a circus family, has made a long career in jazz music in Belgium.

He played all over Europe, and recorded a.o. with Django Reinhardt, Sadi, Scott Bradford (p), Jack Van Poll, Etienne Verschueren and Francy Boland.He was a member of the big bands of Henri Seghers, Francis Bay and later joined Etienne Verschueren and the BRT Jazzorkest, where he stayed until the end. With that band, he played with numerous US and European solists, and for numerous composers and arrangers (Francy Boland, Bert Joris, Bob Porter, Freddy Sunder, Etienne Verschueren, Sadi, Michel Herr, to name just some Belgian names).

Funny horse is a great Euro Funk instro track with a groovy bass & rythm section.

Some more Diggin’ in the Crates on this Seven inch Sunday.

Philip Catherine is Belgium’s greatest jazz guitarist. Coming from a musical family (his grandfather was first violin with the London Symphony Orchestra), he developed a musical ear from an early age. He took up the guitar after having heard George Brassens, and then started listening to all the great jazzmen of the period. Very soon he had the opportunity to meet some of them, and often play with them when they were performing in Belgium where his family had moved to by then.

He has been on the forefront of the European jazz scene since the sixties. He has worked with great artists like Lou Bennett, Billy Brooks, Jean Luc Ponty, Larry Coryell, Alphonse Mouzon, Dexter Gordon, Toots Thielemans, Stéphane Grappelli, Charles Mingus, Chet Baker and many more.

“Memphis talk” is the opening track from his 1972 lp “Stream” on wich he coloborated with Marc Moulin.

El Chicles (aka Chicken Curry and his Pop Percussion Orchestra, The Sumos, The Chinese Fighterz, Lord Funk, S.S.O, The Soul Scratchers) was a Brussels-based studio band. It contained some of Belgium’s best studio musicians of that time. (Ralph Benatar, Francis Weyer, Guy Delo, Douglas Lucas, John Sluzny)

They released 3 highly acclaimed latin funk records. (The Snake, Funky Chicken and La La La)

“Drums go Nuts” is a killer funk track with hard hittin’ drums, funky guitars, groovy organ and some cowbell. Enjoy!

Freddy Martyn is a Belgian guitar player who released a single 45.

“The Rise and fall of Flingel Bunt” (first released by The Shadows) is a nice groovy track with smooth guitar licks, funky organ and crazy drums.

We’ve got another Triple Threat lined-up on this wonderful Seven inch Sunday

Messe Blanche (White Mass) was a Belgian conceptual band formed by a couple of students. They recorded a single 45 at the Cultural centre of Leuven wich was to be played at an avant-garde theatre art performance. Messe Blanche is a groovy ,church organ dominated, go-go freakbeat cut, with a doomy atmosphere all over!

Roger Mores was a Belgian composer and orchest-leader who recorded mostly soundtracks. Jungle is an exotic, easy listening track that sounds like it could be written by Martin Denny himself.

The Freaks released one 7″ on the Belgian based “Disco-Matic” label.

“Special 38” is a strange disco-dub track with a great sax groove. Written by Chris Peeters (member of the Kris de Bruyne Band) and Tamara King aka Luc Derdin.

All killer and no filler that’s the theme to this weeks Seven inch Sunday!

Salix Alba was the brainchild of Marc Herouet, former organist of the Wallace Collection. Their first 45 was a soundtrack for the Belgian movie “Les Tueurs Fous”, a detective movie dealing with adult themes like juvenile delinquency, serial killers and homosexuality. The A-side of this 7″ consists of three parts -Générique, Poursuite Première Partie and Enterrement Du Chat- and sounds like  seventies drama funk with bamboo flute and some fuzzy guitars. Something for “Kill Bill 3” perhaps?

White Coffee is a Belgian band formed by Jean Pierre Onraedt. A Belgian drummer/percusionist who played on releases by Mad Unity, Placebo and Koen De Bruyne. “Save Me” is an edgy soul-funk masterpiece with big sister-funk vocals, a monster bassline, fab wahwah guitar and a superb Fender Rhodes with killer drum breaks!

Rocco Granata is Belgiums most famous immigrant. Rocco was born in Southern Italy, but his parents moved to Belgium when he was aged ten. His father was a coal miner, but Granata pursued music instead. In 1959 he released the songs “Manuela” / “Marina” as a single.  the B-side became an international hit, reaching #1 in Belgium and in Germany as well as charting across Europe and in the United States.

It sold over one million copies in Germany alone, and was awarded a gold disc. Granata later became a successful record producer. He owned the record labels Cardinal records  and Granata Records. In 1973 Rocco composed the music for “Jonny en Jessy” a Belgian movie directed by Wies Andersen. “Jonny’s theme” is a dramatic funk instrumental with great piano and fantastic flute solos.

Rain Rain go away, please come back on Monday, ‘cause today’s Seven inch Sunday!

Belgian based group Dorian & the Mackensies released a single 45 with a killer b-side.  Big swirly mod pop psych delight with more Hammond than a Brian Auger song!

Fun fact: Stay with me was written by J.P Fasseau -father of Patrick Fasseau- (member of the ninties euro dance group “The Mackenzie”)

We’ve got another fab 45 by Brady Benton and his B-group. (Aka Belgian rock legend Guy Wathelet) “It’ll be the end” is yet again a great garage rock track.

Belgian band Kokomo (not to be confused with the british blue eyed soul band of the same name) released just one 45. Snappin’ is a laidback cool jazz tune. written by B. ceurmans (Aka Johnny walker) who released a couple of 45’s on the infamous “Monopole”-label.

Another Seven inch Sunday to end this weekend with some killer tunes.

The Caravels were a Belgian Jazz combo who released a great exotic sax version of Duke Ellington’s timeless classic “caravan”

Rudy Ray et ses creole’s came from the Liege area, Belgium. “Laisser mon meilleur ami”  has a raw 60’s underground Belgian sound with a great fuzz guitar riff.
Issued on the tiny & independent label Robar.

Isopoda were a Belgian progressive rock band from Aalst. they released 2 albums and a single 45 “Black Mountaincat”  has some great jazzy vibes. Check it out!

It’s been a long time, i shouldn’t have left you, without a dope beat to step to. Another edition of Seven inch Sundays, for your pleasure.

The JJ Band were the backing band of Jess & James (Belgium’s most famous Soul act) They are led by arranger Ralph Benatar (Sax and Flute), Douglas Lucas (Trumpet) and Francis Weyer (aka Francis Goya/ Guitar), who all played leading roles on most of the “El Chicles” and “Chakachas” related releases. “Hear my plea” is a proto hiphop psychedelic funk gem.

Los Barcos released a single 7″ on the Belgian based “Panky Records”.Panky records produced a lot of disco/dub influenced records in the early eighties. “Jamaican cha cha” is a great Latin funk track with some beautiful keys and fab horns.

City jungle are a Belgian psychedelic group. They released one 45 on their own label. ‘She makes me cry’ is fantastic dark tripped up psych with some haunting flute solos.

We’ve got some killer tracks this week. So sit back, turn your stereo up to eleven and enjoy!

Another obscure pearl coming from Belgium. The power trio Load Control was formed in Dinant in the early 70s and released two rare singles and disappeared soon after. Scotland is an early 70s hard rock track, with high psychedelic doses and even considered as proto-doom by some. Fussy and stoned guitar solos,  followed by noisy drums and bass.

Union Jack were a Belgian band who released 2 great psychedelic 45’s before they faded  into obscurity. Lady Masham is a great fuzz garage track;

Feos is the alter-ego of William Souffreau (founder of the infamous Irish Coffee)  Time to get away is a rendition of “Indian Priest” a song previously recorded by Injun Joe and Seafruit.

Lots of new treats for all you Seven inchers out their. We’ve got 3 Belgian Beauties lined-up and a new mix uploaded.

The Klan was a Belgian 60’s band formerly known as Les Ombres. When Les Ombres got signed by Palette records they were asked to change their name. Their first choice was “The Clan”, but Palette records changed it to “The Klan” (wich unfortunately is an abreviation for the KKK in the US of A).

Sometimes refered to as the “Belgian Beatles” They played a show in Paris alongside the Rolling Stones and The Move.

The Four Rockets were a Belgian band with William Souffreau in its ranks. William Souffreau is one of Belgium’s great rock pioneers. He has been playing music for more than five decades now. He’s one of the key members of Irish Coffee. A fantastic Belgian Hard-Rock outfit, who released one highly acclaimed Lp and several great 45’s

This 45 is the first ever recording of william.

The Climax were a Belgian band that was formed out of the ashes of the Rhodesian band “The Shake Spears”. Altough they originated in Rhodesia they came to Belgium in 1964 and were signed by Ronnex boss Albert van Hoogten. Chris Kritzinger (Lead guitarist of the Shake Spears)  founded The Climax with Brian Bastow (aka Brian) after leaving The Shake Spears in 1968.