Up to Eleven presents “Carte Blanche” the first selection by the “Brothers from different Mothers”.

The BFDM are Mister Critical, Hypnoise, Dééjoohcéé and Up to Eleven.


The good and handsome people of “Shiver and Shake” invited us to come and play at their Halloweenparty, so we created this mix/selection to get you in the right mood.

An eclectic journey with Bonechilling Bollywood, Demonic Disco, Putrid Psych, Festering Folk and some Goulish Glamrock too.

Up To Eleven proudly presents
“Music to be murdered/buried by”



To celebrate the birth of Up to Eleven, we present you our first mixtape. Expect lots of funk, soul, hiphop and some other stuff too.

We hope that you’ll enjoy this mix and return soon to check out our Halloween tape.


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