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Join us on our Seven inch Sundays as we dig deep into our 7″ crates to serve you some fresh sounds.

We’ve got some excellent 45’s lined up, on this sunny Seven inch Sunday.

It’s been a long time, i shouldn’t have left you! Without some dope 45’s to step to. We’ve got some great 45’s lined up this week. lots of new old stuff waiting in our crates to be unleashed in the coming weeks.

S.O.S. Champagne was the brainchild of Belgian Multi-intrumentalist Christian Rineldi.  “Tout Chromes tout flammes, c’est chrome & flammes” is a great kitchy glam-disco track.

Anna rosa was a Belgian artist coming from Liège. The music for “O toi Bossa Nova” was written by Jean St paul. (check out his jerk’in in the night) Can’t seem to find much info about her. if anyone knows more please contact me!

Crischa (Georgina baert) released a couple of interesting singles in the early seventies. She is married to Belgian impressario Jean Martin. (the owner of the Belgian “Smoke” and “Espera” -labels). On “Paix sur terre” she is backed by Belgian prog-rock legends Waterloo.

If you like phasing drums, vocoders and electric violins, you’re gonna love our fresh batch of Belgian 45’s, we’ve got lined-up for you! 

Dan lacksman is the man behind Trans Volta. Dan is one of the most important pioneers of Belgian electronic music.
He released some early electronic music as the “Electronic System” in 1973. Check out his epic track “skylab” wich is about 15 minutes long.

After this he formed electro pop group TELEX together with Marc Moulin. Telex performed on the Eurovison contest in 1980 with EURO-vision 
They became second to last place. A bit disappointing because they wanted to finish last. “Disco computer” sounds very much like a daft punk demo.

Belgian Soul monuments “Jess and James” are aided by electric cello player and composer Denis Van Hecke.
Denis was a legendary Belgian cello player. He played in mythic bands like Aksak Maboel, Cos and The Wallace Collection.
“A Man’s Symphony” is a brooding downtempo groove, with a haunting cello and a mini break at 5’10.

In 1959 Dany Fisher joined  “Het Spoetniks Ensemble”and they became “De Spoetniks”, a Belgian Rock ’n Roll ensemble.
“Flying Monsters” is a funky tune with phasing drums and haunting organs.

Les Delfinis were the backing band of famous Belgian singer Adamo. On releases with Adamo they were often credited as “I. Delfini” or “Orchestre I. Delfini”, because of this they are sometimes  confused with the croatian band with the same name. They released 3 great 45’s as “Les Delfinis” and also played as “The lucky Band” 

fun fact: Adamo wrote a song called “Dolce Paola”. Paola was the wife of Prince Albert of Belgium and would later become the queen of Belgium. Adamo was rumoured to have had an affair with Paola

Can’t tell you much about Gregg other than his singing is a bit “Wack”. The Gram Brothers on the other hand have delivered a nice electro style hiphop instrumental.
They produced a couple more songs for gregg wich are in the same vein as “Try to give a little love”

Garcia was the son of trumpeter Janot Morales. He played drums in some legendary Belgian bands like The Cousins, The Klan” and The JJ Band.
“Sous le Soleil” has some nice Bossanova vibes. Enjoy!!!

2022 is gonna be a great year, if you like Seven inch Sundays! We’ve got a lot of
great 45’s to share with you. We also got some guest collectors lined-up who’ll be taking over our channel. 

So stay tuned!

Be shure to check out the interview i gave to world famous podcaster David Chouferbad. 
Featuring lots of upcoming tracks for the “Up to Eleven” youtube-channel.

Dream Express orchestra was the backing band of Dream express, a cheesy Belgian disco group founded by Luc Smets in 1970.
Luc Smets was a founding member of 60s band “The Pebbles”, who had an international hit with “Seven horses in the sky”.
After The Pebbles broke up, Luc started Shampoo, a Belgian jazz-rock band. Be sure to check out their first lp. Great jazz-rock not unlike Placebo and Plus.
On their second lp they became the backing band of “The Hearts of Soul” a dutch soul group with 3 sisters.
This collaboration evolved into Dream express.

Aril laury started out at age nine as a accordionist. When he was 19, he turned to synthezisers.
His first single was “Moody”. released in 1982 on the tiny Belgian “fly” label.

Guy cant really sing. Thank god he had some good pruducers!
Eddy & Danny van passel, twin brothers, born June 15th 1957. They produced some nice funky disco tracks in the late eighties/ early seventies. 
The backing track sounds like daft punk and quincy jones teamed up.

We’ve got 3 absolute bangers for you to discover on this sunny Seven inch Sunday.

“Joëlle” was a young Belgian singer. On this track she is backed by Belgian jazzman Willy Mortier.
“Bossaminova” is a beautiful sung bossa nova track.

“Bird and the Bees” was a group led by legendary Belgian musician Sylvain Vanholme.
Sylvain would become a founding member of “The Wallace Collection” who had a huge hit in 1969 with “Daydream””Hold the Line” is a psychedelic baroque masterpiece.

“Paul’s collection” was a Belgian rock band from Antwerp, founded in 1969 by singer Paul Syniawsky.
They released 3 excellent 45’s
“Man” is a Fantastic psychedelic poptune.

Be shure to check out the new release by “Stoffige Vingers”. “Last Bongo in Belgium” is a beautiful 10″ containing 6 hard-to-find Belgian grooves. Only a few copies available, so don’t sleep and order now!
Now available at Music Mania & HHV

Lets leave this terrible week behind us and listen to some fresh tunes to lift our spirits.

“Brian” ((real name Brian Bastow) was a British pop singer. In November 1966, he was singing at the coastal holiday resort “Surfers’ Paradise,” where he was discovered by “The Shake Spears” who were touring there. In need of a singer they took Bastow with them back to Belgium. He stayed with the group for a couple of months and recorded a handful of songs with them, but left the group in March 1967 in order to pursue a solo career.
“Rainmaker” (a cover from Harry Nilson) has a nice drumbreak intro.

“Hot Steam” is written and produced by famed Belgian musician Ralph Benatar. Benatar was a core member of the JJ band, Plus and El Chicles.

“The Mol Percussion Band” was founded by Leo Ouderitz in the Belgian city of “Mol”. It’s members were student percussionists of the local music academy. 

Unfortunately our Belgian Red Devils are no longer in the European Championship. To ease the pain we’ve come up with an extra soothing Seven inch Sunday.

“Marine” was a Belgian based funky new wave band formed around singer Marc Marine. When Marc left, the rest of the band were joined by singer Sarah Osborne and went on to form “Allez Allez”.This is their first ever release on a 7″ flexi disc. I hope the people at “Les Disques Du Crépuscule” still have the mastertapes of this session. It deserves a proper release. “Tshombé” is a post punk deep funk banger.

“Rush” (not to be confused with the canadian progrock band) was a Belgian studio group.
They released a single 45. “A little chance” was written by Jack Donder (aka Jean Vanloo).Check out this psychedelic disco masterpiece.

“The Jet Set” was a  band comprised of Belgian jazz musicians who played the backing track for the Protan Clappers.
“Protan” is a keyboard heavy electrofunk jam.


Here we go again with the funky instro. Another batch of fresh 45’s on this sunny “Seven inch Sunday” 

“Mad Unity” was a Jazz-funk outfit from Belgium, comprising several well-known studio musicians.(Dan Lacksman, Koen De Bruyne, Jean Pierre Onreadt)They’re mainly known for backing Janko Nilovic.
“Sitting Bull” is a killer jazz-funk track.

“Chakachas” was a Belgian based group founded in 1958 by bandleader Gaston Bogaert. They played a mixture of Latin music, jazz, and European-style exotica. After a musical eclipse in the mid-sixties, the band is reassembled a few years later, in a new line-up and with a different sound; this time, the band’s made up of session musicians, who are also part of other bands or projects (see also El Chicles, Chicken Curry & His Pop Percussion Orchestra, The Sumos, Plus, The S.S.O. Orchestra, Lord Funk ). The new Chakachas go for a mix of Latin/Soul/Funk/Jazz/Afro. The bulk of the songs is provided by Willy Albimoor and Nico Gomez.
“Africa Yama” is an funky exotic groove, reminiscent of “Tropicola” by “Stringtronics”

“Recreation” was a Belgian progressive band hailing from the town of Liege.
This instrumental trio was inspired by such bands as The Nice and Soft Machine. “Fallen Astronauts” was based on Antonin Dvorak’s: New World Symphony.

Check out the fantastic belgian recordlabel “Stoffige Vingers”
They’re specialized in obscure Belgian grooves.
They just released a ten inch called “last bongo in Belgium” wich includes some tracks from the “Seven inch Sundays”-series.
Don’t sleep and buy this lp now before they are al gone.

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